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Social & Ethical Sourcing

The world is yours, and it’s our responsibility to care for it. We aspire to leave it a better place than when we arrived. Respect to Mother Earth.


Our social responsibility lives within our people - People Presence - to nurture our present environments, and be present for our people when they need it. It's our social responsibility to all - we have each other's back - from retail staff through to the talented makers that craft all aspects of our Down products, both near and far - One Love.


At Huffer, we take this seriously so commit to the highest of manufacturing standards offering you, our customer, Down garments we know you will not only love but also have the confidence to wear knowing they have been made in accordance with Internationally recognised Responsible Down Standard.


Mother Huffer

Steve Dunstan, Founder


What we have done

We are proud to say we are:

- 100% Responsible Down Standard for all down/feather products - Goal met

- 100% Global Recycled Standard - for insulation products - Goal met

- 100% Responsible Wool Standard - initiated and target completion April 2019

- 100% Uzbeck free cotton - Goal met

- Cotton Pledge awarded-  Goal met


100% of all CMT manufacturers agreed to Huffer’s Code of Conduct. Fundamental in the Code is the ILO’s Four Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. This prohibits child labour; forced labour; discrimination and guarantees worker rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

What we have to complete

- We are committed to having all final CMT manufactures audited by world leading audit agencies including Qualspec, Intertek, Amfori(BSCI) and Disney – completion April 2019

- We are working to ensure full auditing is conducted through our entire supply chain- (whether it be as small as a button), we want every facet of our product to be made by people who are valued and rewarded appropriately for their work – completion April 2020

- A long-term net zero carbon emissions reduction target is an important part of ensuring that Huffer makes a smooth transition to a low-emissions future – completion 2050

Final Output Suppliers

Our Suppliers are more than just that, they are partners - an extended part of the Huffer family.


We don’t work through agents, we must know exactly who they are, where they are, and over many years we have formed relationships to ensure we know our Suppliers align with Huffer values and principles.


We only manufacture in nations that we can access frequently, and those we know have a heart towards ensuring their peoples needs are met. We have worked with leading groups to meet criteria which shows a commitment to social and ethical sourcing.

AJ Wear | Kowloon, Hong Kong | Products produced: Tees, Sweatshirts, Jackets, Pants, Coats, Shirts, Dress, Jumpsuits, Denim Jeans | 80 employees | 90% female / 10% male | 0% migrant or temp workers | Audit complete 2013


Benking | Kowloon, Hong Kong | Products produced: Woven garments | 48 employees | 87.5 % female / 12.5% male | 0% migrant or temp workers | Audit complete 2017


Best Star Fashions Co. Ltd | Shanghai, China 200086 | Products produced: Denim, Woven garments | 69 employees | 67% female / 33% male | 0% migrant or temp workers | Audit complete 2018

LAB 28 | Kowloon, Hong Kong | Products produced: Denim Jeans, Jackets, Dresses | 50 employees | 50% female / 50% male | 20% migrant or temp workers. | Audit

Polymax Techology | Fujian , China | Product produced: Down-filling, garment sewing, seam-sealing | 202 employees | 57% female / 43% male | 75.5% migrant or temp workers | Audit complete 2018

Rosily Textile | Shenzhen, China | Product produced: Fleeces and t-shirts | 30 employees | 55% female / 45% male | 30% migrant or temp workers | Audit complete 2018


Skytex | Ningbo, China | Product produced: Knits & Wovens | 330 employees | 74% female / 26% male | 83% migrant or temp workers | Audit complete 2018

Sunshine Industry | Ningbo, China | Product produced: Knit & woven garments | 66 employees | 50% female / 50% male | 9% migrant or temp workers | Audit complete 2018

Suzhou Hengsheng | Suzhou, China | Product produced: Woven & knit dresses, shirts, blouse, pants, skirt, shorts | 78 employees | 71% female / 29% male | 0% migrant or temp workers | Audit complete 2018

Wuxi Everbright | Wuxi, China | Product produced: Woven & knit garments | 30 employees | 80% female / 20% male | 0% migrant or temp workers | Audit complete 2018



Jiangsu Jiexiang Down Ltd | Huai’an District, Huai’an, China | Product produced: Down products | Audit complete 2018


Recycled Down Programme

Huffer is aware of environmental impacts and have formed a sustainable process for all Down products purchased. Any Huffer Down product that is returned to be recycled, Huffer will reward the customer with a $50 gift voucher. If the garment is received in good condition it will be donated to Charity, and if not, Huffer will reuse the Down on future Huffer product.